Dating, Marriage and Divorce – Cycle

Look around and count how many successful marriages you know. Sadly, that number is low.

When we date we are driven by the feelings and emotions as well as the rush of being with someone who is new to us, but we expect that these feelings will last. Then somehow, if we seem not to feel this surge of emotions flowing in us anymore, we assume that there is no love in the relationship, so it’s part. It’s then when we start all over again hunting for the next special someone that can provide us with those same lustful and passionate feelings to then find out later that those too were temporary.

We shouldn’t base love to a feeling, but rather to a decision especially when considering marriage. If you enter the world of marriage thinking that you will live happily ever after with strong feelings all throughout your marriage, you are kidding yourself. Marriage takes so many twists and turns, and you MUST decide to love your partner beyond situations, feelings and circumstances.

I myself have experienced moments where I do not “FEEL” love for my husband, but yet I decide to love him by honoring him with respect, loyalty, support and faithfulness. Now, that my friends is what I have learned to identify as love. It’s deciding to be there for your partner beyond your own emotions. Many people might disagree, but it is so much easier to follow a protocol that has already been set than setting your own boundaries and expectations on how we think we should love another person and what love means to us.

By protocol I’m referring to God. God has provided us with the recipe for a prosperous relationship and marriage all in the Holy Bible in Corinthians 13. It is when we fail to follow this recipe that we end up cooking a whole different meal than the one we intended to cook, simply because we decided to skip certain steps and add our own ingredients. That’s when dating becomes a parade of men and women, commitments are none existent, divorce knocks on our door, children come from broken homes and everyone pretends to live happy lives. Yet, inside we feel regret, a sense of loss, sadness, guilt, doubt and you can fill in the lines here.

My greatest wish for everyone is that they can experience a true, God given relationship and marriage so that less children experience the devastation of a broken home, men and women can experience true love and so that we may come face to face with the reality that Jesus is alive and will work in our lives if we choose to have a relationship with Him by following His guidance for us. Start, through a conversational prayer to God and read the bible daily, with the purpose of getting to know God and learn about the many ways that He loves you. Start a relationship with your Creator and you will understand who you are and your purpose in life through His manual known as the bible. There you will find the best recipe to cook up the best life you could ever live here on earth.




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