Women today seek to stimulate men and attract attention to themselves via their sensuality…

More and more I see women becoming shrines that symbolize lust, sensuality and an intense need to be provocative to all men. This is not a demonstration of strength, instead it shows how weak we are to surrender to the inner need for attention and the need to show the world our bodies. Women feel the need to flaunt beauty in a sensual form and this is far from what we should be doing.

Beauty is not a certain body type and it’s certainly not sensuality. Beauty is the way we carry ourselves with poise and elegance. Beauty is loving others and being helpful to those in need. Beauty is also being compassionate and always serving as an open ear to hear out those who are hurting. True beauty is loving yourself enough not to, practically, beg for attention through vulgar pictures of your most intimate parts that should be reserved specifically for your husband. That is beauty.

Beauty is being reserved, slow to speak and kind. This is not what the world tells us. All around we find women parading themselves as an attractive toy waiting to be used by men.

I do not know about you, but deep in my heart I desire to be loved by one man, who honors me, admires me and respects me in every way. Women are expecting this, but they send the wrong message with the way they present themselves.

It’s time that the eyes of women be opened to the reality that to be weak is to give in to your lustful desires, but to remain still and know what you are worth, is to go against the current of women who are like sensual shrines seeking desperately for attention. If only they would know that the less clothes they wear and the more skin they show, the more they scream out to the world their internal need for attention and acceptance.

We need to raise an army of women that believe in honor, respect for themselves and for all the husbands that are out there.

“By remaining and dressing in a conservative manner I’m not only reserving myself for my husband, in fact I’m honoring myself, my husband, and I’m also helping married and single men from committing adultery and pursuing lustful thoughts with my body”

God bless those women who seek for the Lord, who stand for purity and honor.


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