Clouded by Thoughts of Doubt Continued…

It’s easier to walk in doubt and easier to give up than it is to press forward and keep believing in God’s plan for you.

I’ve have faced countless moments in my life where all that consumes my mind are doubts. Doubts about what I’m destined to do in life or what truly is the mission that God has laid out for me. My thoughts are not clear sometimes. After months of facing doubt I have understood that doubt is necessary in order to help us question how we live life on a day to day. Doubt helps us question our motives behind our actions.

Are we sincere? 

Are we doing things for the right reasons?

Are we living lives seeking for joy or are we living in pure JOY? (two very different things)

These questions have helped me identify that my mission in life is not to bring attention to myself, but rather to highlight the special being that has transformed me.

Our mission in life deals with empowering others in Christ and to empower others in their life’s purpose. Most importantly, WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL.

Your story may help someone heal.

Your story can help someone overcome an experience or a negative emotion.

If you are facing a season of doubt especially in regards to your future and where you are heading… I urge you to embrace the moments of doubt because there you will discover many things about yourself and it’s a perfect time to invite God into your life, your plans and your most intimate desires. 

God will bring clarity when you are ready to see what lies ahead of you.

It’s all about being ready for what God has for you.



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