Do you ignore your child’s feelings?

Are you aware that your toddler feels embarrassment, intimidation, harassment, fear, shyness among other feelings?

Children tend to feel intimidated by new people, new crowds, and new places.

My son is only three and not too long ago I was forcing him to say to everyone and I would punish him for not being polite and saying hello to people. That’s pretty harsh isn’t it?

I realized that when I would put him on the spot and woulfd force him to say hello to more than one person in outdoor settings he would retract and tended to hide behind me. I saw it as a sign of disrespect or rebellion. I remember getting upset, but because deep inside I feared that people would think that I was not teaching my son any manners.


It’s unrealistic to expect maturity and complete politeness from a 3-year-old.

It’s crazy to put my son on the spot out of fear of what others would think about me as a mother. All I was doing was embarrassing my poor little one. All that I was accomplishing was making my son feel bad for expecting politeness from him.

I’ve realized that we should not parent out of fear of what others may think of us.

I’ve realized that a child possesses an immature nature and one must not force them to become mature before their time.

Let’s embrace our kids’ immaturity and discipline them with love and compassion.

Let’s be conscious that our actions may embarrass our children.

Our actions may instill fear in them.

Our irrational behaviors may cause them to shy away from new experiences because we want to force them to react in ways that we believe is right.

Do what I do. Pray and ask God to help you discipline righteously.
Let’s discipline with a focus on embracing our children’s nature, rather than out fear for what others may think of you.



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