How to Overcome Childhood Pains

Everything begins in our childhood.

As a child my norm was seeing adults get drunk, have house parties, people physically fight, physical abuse, verbal abuse and endured sexual abuse.

All of this chaos intertwined instilled many insecurities, self-doubt, self-consciousness, trust issues, an insatiable need for love and attention, and the need for comfort.

If you experienced a troubled childhood, I want to tell you that healing is possible.

Face your past. Face your sadness. Face your trauma. Face your struggles. Face your yourself. If your children have witnessed violent behavior or have experienced abuse, it’s time to talk about it and not sweep the problem under a rug.

Find help and talk about your feelings. Do not keep your thoughts buried deep inside you.

Talk about what you went through because once you bring it to the light it can no longer haunt you as it did before.

Pray and ask God to heal all your wounds.

Declare healing upon your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Speak life onto your present. Declare good things for yourself in Jesus name.

Transformation is inevitable when you seek for God’s divine healing.

Be transformed. Be healed.

-Maritza M.


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