Should I spank my child?

One thing that I debated for a while was if I should or should not spank my son.

In all honesty, I began his disciplining at 2-years-old with the spanking method, but I didn’t feel right.

I did not think that a 2-year-old, whose very nature is to explore and be adventurous, should be spanked for doing something that seemed wrong or dangerous in my eyes.

I also did not feel right by saying “NO” almost all day at times. Something about that felt negative and I truly didn’t feel that I was creating a happy and positive atmosphere for my kiddo.

There had to be some other way. I prayed about my discomfort for a long time. I asked for God’s direction and guidance in how to discipline my child and……

Then I felt God’s peace shower over me and I felt him calling me to find another way…. God began to move my heart in researching other ways to treat my son. In doing so, God placed a strong desire in my to find out about how a child’s mind works based on age.

I found that learning about my son was so important. I began to see my son with respect and began to really embrace his immaturity and childhood.

My parenting style shifted completely. I began embracing him and disciplining with compassion, rather than instilling fear in order to get him to respond to my commands.
I learned the importance of embracing a child and his different stages instead of fighting them by trying to mold him into a little robot.
He’s a little person. And deserves respect, love and compassion.


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