While in Las Vegas…

My husband won a trip to Las Vegas for meeting each quota every quarter in 2016. What was amazing to discover is that he makes part of the one percent of successful sales associates in T-Mobile.

T-Mobile gave us the opportunity to experience amazing shows and entertainment while we were in Vegas. There were many gifts provided as well as a Visa card with funds for us to spend on whatever we wanted.

My husband my son and I had a blast!!! Best experience ever.

However, I know that Las Vegas is known as sin city and I got to see a small glimpse of people that reflected how damaging this environment can be especially for young people.

Till this day I had not seen so many young homeless both guys and girls.

One thing that I did witness and brought such sadness to my heart, was witnessing 5 young people exchanging a syringe and shooting up their bodies with what may have been heroine. I also saw a young man on the strip balled up in fetal position right on the sidewalk completely obliterated by the effects of whatever is it he consumed. I also saw yet another young man hallucinating and talking to himself on one of the walkways, asking for money to eat.

This was saddening and heartbreaking. I asked myself, what drives these young people to become these lost and broken young adults.

Many reasons crossed my mind, but the one thing that I kept asking myself was, where are their parents?

I recognized that our role as parents is more important than we care to accept.

It’s up to us to raise children that will not be broken adults.

It’s time to raise children whose emotional needs are met throughout childhood.

It’s up to us to raise emotionally intelligent children who will grow up to be adults that know how to manage their emotions.

It’s up to us to raise little girls whom are confident and do not need to seek for love in other men later in life.

It’s up to us to raise little boys who respect and honor their parents through respectful discipline.

It’s up to us to raise the next generation of people who will be living adult lives thriving and achieving dreams, rather than adults who are recovering from childhood pains, neglect, insecurities, abuse and indifference.

The time has come to grow as individuals and be better parents.


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