Unmanicured Life

I believe in the importance of being an open book because a life well lived is one where we are open about who we are at the moment.

Life isn’t the fairy tale that people create across their Instagram, myself included at one point.

It’s time that we show who we really are, our real lives, our struggles and as well as the highlights.

More and more I feel convicted to share details about my struggles because my story can help women feel reassured that they’re not alone. The more open I become about my troubles, the more I may influence others to remain hopeful in the most hopeless situations.


We are living in a world appearances are everything. Appearances are altered, filters are added and nudity is a form of fashion.

We are living in times of pure contradictions.

People say that they are trendsetters, yet they dress and try to look like Kylie.

People say that they are unique makeup artists, yet they all copy each others techniques.

People say that beauty is what’s on the inside, yet they focus on getting plastic surgeries to arouse attention without caring who they are attracting.

People say that they are unique yet everyone looks the same. Same ambitions, same goals, same hustle, same makeup, same clothing style, same hairdos, same surgeries and same poses on social media.

We are living in a world of mannequins. We work so hard on trying to display the perfect image while disregarding that what needs to be polished most is our hearts and our true intentions.

I’m not saying that I’m against plastic surgeries, makeup, styles and trends.

What I am pointing out is that we live in a world where we are all followers and individual distinction is needed.

What I am saying is that we need to focus on working on our inner self and remove the shame, guilt, past pains, resentment, lack of unforgiveness, hate and lack of love for others.

The removal of all these poisons will lead to true joy and fulfillment, then everything else will follow ESPECIALLY self-confidence.

In the end that is what we all seek for. We are constantly on the pursuit for happiness without understanding that we can be fulfilled by first working on polishing our inner self and all else will follow.