A New Breed of Women

I’m always out and about, and I witness many things that I wish were different.

I see many women being influenced by the sex culture that has taken full form nowadays. Nudity has taken on a new form of fashion and young teenage girls are imitating it.

It’s sucks to hear young girls say that there is no such thing as romance. On the flip side, it’s tough to hear young boys say that they can no longer differentiate a promiscuous girl from an innocent girl because they all look and act the same.

I have overheard teenage girls say that it seems IMPOSSIBLE, at this day in age, for guys to want a relationship where getting to know each other is the main focus. Some teens feel that having a boyfriend requires having sex and many feel forced to have sexual relations because it’s expected.

We need, A New Breed of Women. Women that will stand for honor and self-preservation. Women who stand for modesty. Women who value themselves. Women whose mission is not to provoke the attention of men for the purpose of seduction.

The reason they are are so many women fashioning nudity is because they’re desperately seeking for attention and approval, but such approval will never be enough. It will never satiate the deep hunger that permeates the soul.

Listen up ladies, men are already complete, sexually driven beings, BUT we are fulfilling that demand by dressing half naked and arousing men in order to be looked at. Understand that a man can never satisfy our deep hunger for love. Understand that your need for approval is not allowing you to experience true confidence, but rather what you’re experiencing is fake confidence, which comes from fixating on your outer appearance.

Your focusing on looking good on the outside because it gives you a sense of confidence and sure looking good on the outside is important, but not as important as polishing up what’s on the inside.

What good is it worth for you to look like a model, but yet be this nagging wife/girlfriend, who’s constantly screaming and completely bitter about life. Then your bitterness trickles down onto your relationships and children.

What makes me angry is that I once was that young girl who dressed provocatively and did not care whose eyes I was appealing to.
You do not realize or do not care whose attention they’re attracting and I get that, I’ve been there. You might be appealing to a young boy whose struggling with an addiction to porn or you may be attracting the attention of a married man who wants to be completely faithful to his wife even with his eyes.

We desperately need A New Breed of Women whose beauty is on the gentleness in which they speak to others. A beauty based no being merciful and understanding that our partners are imperfect and deserve our forgiveness. A beauty based on how generous we are with those who are in need. A beauty based on how kind we are to the needs of our family. A beauty based on truth and not lies or manipulation. A beauty based on the love that we extend onto everyone around us.

This kind of beauty lasts forever.

Let’s be different. Let’s be part of that new breed and teach our young girls that real beauty lies in what’s inside and in working on our inner flaws.

Let’s be that new breed of women that show men that enough is enough and we are not an All You Can Eat Buffet.

Let’s change the world one woman at a time.

Thank you for reading.


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