Mother’s Day is Everyday

The first mother’s day that I ever celebrated, I celebrated the fact that I was finally a mom!20170513_182027

The “mom role” is a role that I always wanted to have, but after three years of celebrating such a day I realize that I do not like mother’s day as much as I thought I would.

I do not like mother’s day because it gives off the message that mothers are worthy of being praised and honored for their role as a mother only on Mother’s Day. Yet, we are mothers on a daily basis, going above and beyond to serve our children.

Us moms put ourselves second when it comes to our children in order to fulfill their needs above our own because they’re our young. Maybe this is not the truth of every mom, but it is for me..

Not all moms put their children first, but in my case I do put him before my sleep, before my need to rest, my need to take a break from playing with him, cooking fresh meals among other things. I do not say these things to brag, but two years ago I had to accept that raising a child without emotional deficits requires denying ourselves from many things, especially denying ourselves from throwing a temper tantrum of our own in moments when we feel like yelling and walking out on our children. Yes, I too have had my moments where I want to walk out on my son because I had no clue how to handle the situation.

I believe that every day, us moms should teach our children the importance of servicing others by to teaching them to serve as home first, even in the smallest of acts like passing us a yogurt or spoon (if they’re old enough of course). If fathers are around, they should teach their children how to do things for us moms on a daily basis.

Something that my husband does is that he tells my son to bring me a bottle of water before I go to bed. This act alone, when repeated on a daily basis, will help a child understand that it is important to serve their mommies. This is an exercise that can teach a child the habit of comforting mom with nice cool chilled water bottle because it’s important to mom.

I have also taught my son that I have a love for flowers. So, every time that we are outside at a park, on a nature walk or simply outdoors, and he finds a flower, he automatically picks one and happily hands it to me. It’s then that I realize that I have not only taught him about what I like, but I’m also teaching him that it’s not the gift that matters. What matters is that he was thoughtful and made an effort to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. He honors me in doing these things.

With time these acts will help my son understand the importance in recognizing my need as a person and the importance in demonstrating love with small acts of kindness. Most of all, it is preparation for him to understand that we must serve others and recognize the needs of others, not just our own.

  • Mommies, we should also be teaching our children to do the same with their fathers.
  • We need to build a generation of young boys and girls who know how to honor their parents.
  • We need to invest the time to teach our children to serve others and not just themselves.
  • We need to teach our children the importance of honoring others with small acts of kindness.

The best way to teach this, is to set the example and guide our children by showing them how to honor those at home. Our children are the future husbands and wives, who will also raise up children of their own. So, let’s do our best to instill in them a legacy that stands for honor, kindness, love and servitude, and not just on special occasions, but in our everyday lives.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for reading. God bless you!


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