The Love Dare: Day 2

Day 2 of The Love Dare was not as bad as yesterday, but it was not all that great either. I know I could’ve put more effort on my part.

Here’s how today went…

It was 9 a.m. and my husband had already dropped off our son at school. He came back home, picked me so that we could drop off Nina at my sister’s house.

I thought to myself, “yay I get to spend time with my hubby!” As soon as we dropped her off he asked if I wanted to go have breakfast with him and of course I accepted. As we ordered our meals and I drank my cup of coffee, I made sure to kiss him and hugged him tons, which is something I don’t normally do often. The meal was delish, but our conversation wasn’t. It’s always me the one doing all the talking and I feel as if I’m conversing by myself. So, that bummed me out a little, but no biggie.

So, today’s dare was to be kind. I kept extending kindess through hugs and physically beloving, but when I should’ve extended that kindness, I didn’t. We got home, my hubby wanted to lie down and of course I didn’t want to because I really don’t like lying down when I know I have so many house chores to get done.

He wanted more physical contact and I simply didn’t want any. I didn’t notice then, but I pushed him away. I rejected him, and I realized today that I do this a lot.

Through this dare I was reminded that to be kind is to be agreeable. To be kind it to be willing and give in. I realized that I need to be more intentional with my actions towards my husband.

Today’s dare was a reminder that the level of kindness expressed daily should be motivated by a desire to build a marriage that will last. It was a reminder that to be kind goes beyond emotions and feelings. To be kind is a daily decision and it’s hard when you go around holding grudges. Kindness is all about being forgiving.

Dare to love again

I hope that this can serve as a reminder that we must be kind to our spouse’s. Sometimes kindness is all we need.

Marriage isn’t easy, but it can teach us a lot about ourselves when we seek for help, for support and when we accept the things that we have to change. This world needs more solid marriages and families, and less broken homes.

Our kids deserve to grow up in a happy and loving home

Let’s get to work. Let’s dare to love.

Thank you for reading. God bless you!



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