Watch “Short prayer for youth” on YouTube

This prayer is for my young people.

We are living in times where the world is extremely attractive. Doing drugs or going out to drink with your friends may be fun and all, but I want you to know, that what you’re really doing is trying to fill a void.

Every time you reach for a drink or take a hit, what you’re really doing is escaping from the moment, when you should be living in the moment.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that.

There were nights where I just kept drinking and smoking so intensely just because I wanted to be numb.

Later in life as I built a relationship with God, He showed me that my soul needed numbing at that time because I was holding onto so much repressed pain that I wasn’t even aware of.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to deal with our pain. Pray and ask God what are those hidden pains that you have not yet seen and need healing from.

Ask God to bring to light the inner struggles that are causing you to seek for that drink, that blunt, that hit etc…

It’s time for a new generation to walk against the current of people with addictions and deep brokenness.

We need healing. We need a healthy mind and heart.

We need to raise a generation of kids that don’t spend their adulthood recovering, but rather a generation of adults that are constantly conquering and executing dreams.

It’s time to pray.


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