My 30 Day Coffee Fast

In January, I decided to fast the one thing that I crave most daily which is… COFFEE!

I usually have two cups of coffee a day, but sometimes I do get carried away and may have three or four. Prior to my fasting I didn’t understand why I crave coffee so much.

I realized that every time that I get anxious, bored or lonely I go to the kitchen and make myself some coffee. So, during my fast each time I got a little anxious, worried or lonely, I prayed and turned to God for comfort.

“You’d be surprised what we do or what we turn to in our moments of weakness and need”

This sounds ridiculous, but It’s true. This is similar to emotional eating and I ask myself, “how many of you are walking around feeling, lonely, anxious and stress and turn to other things that aren’t God for comfort?”

  • Are you turning to food for comfort?
  • Do you smoke to keep calm?
  • Do you drink to escape your reality?
  • Do you have sex with different guys when you’re feeling lonely?

If you find yourself trying to soothe yourself with other things that aren’t God-centered, then…

  • You will never fully, satiate your hunger for love
  • You will not feel complete comfort
  • You won’t find complete peace

“God’s word, God’s presence, God’s voice, God’s direction are the only things that can fulfill your every need”

Next time that you find yourself searching for solutions to your emotional issues that are not founded in God, surrender. When you surrender to God, you find freedom.

The best way to experience and encounter God is through fasting the thing that is hard for you to give up.

  1. Pray
  2. Read God’s word
  3. Listen to a preaching
  4. Read a God centered book
  5. Listen to worship music (or in my case Christian rap)
  6. Write your thoughts and emotional processes

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