The Love Dare: Days 6, 7 & 8

Throughout The Love Dare challenge I’ve learned the importance of being intentional.

I’ve learned that each day we must:

  • Hug and kiss plenty
  • Forgive quickly
  • Laugh each chance that we get

I’ve also learned that there is great value and effectiveness in tackling one character flaw at a time.

“We must accept who we are and who we are not”


To dare and love someone you must really focus on getting to know yourself, letting go of your selfish ways, and learn to extend kindness through gentle words and physical affection.

Love isn’t easy but when loving someone becomes intentional, it’s that much more fulfilling and enjoyable. Being intentionally kind, leads to affection, which breeds selfless acts which leads to love.

When you’re intentional you evolve, you grow as an individual and you tap into real love. It all starts with a decision and the feelings & emotions will follow, not the other way around.

Read The Love Dare: Days 3, 4, & 5.

“We need to change and be kind women with zero expectations”

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