Watch “Sex culture” on YouTube

Three Reasons why we live in a sex culture?

  1. Parents are not raising confident children. There is not enough affirmation at home. When children don’t get the affirmation, attention and acceptance that they need from their parents, they grow up thirsting and seeking for these deficits later in life through others. Thus, leaving little girls with a nagging need to be noticed and desired.
  2. Women who have deep insecurity issues feel a strong need to dress provocatively because they need stares to be validated even if that means dressing half naked. For these women, their source of confidence is found in the opinion of others.
  3. Fashion and the artist wearing nude fashion are completely influential to women worldwide. Women who are insecure and have identity issues fall into this trap easily. Everyone wants to fit in so they imitate what they see. This is especially true when women have a lack of identity. They imitate and adopt other images because it’s easier than discovering themselves.

I believe that it’s time for a mind shift.

I believe that we need to raise a generation of children that are confident, but in order to do this we must change ourselves first. We must change our parenting style. We must change the way we speak to our children. We must spend quality time with our kiddos and make sure that we always take each opportunity to speak life into them.

“A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit”

It’s time that us women become mindful that we have insecurities and that we must work on them. It’s time that we cause a shift in our present sexually saturated culture.

Our little girls are watching. Our little girls are imitating us. It’s time that we reflect modesty, honor and self-respect, through the things we say, the things we say, and what we wear.

The clothes we choose say a lot about what we want to gain and what we want to communicate to others.

Do you want to be admired or desired?

The greatest issue that I see is that the majority of women want to be desired not admired. Women don’t dress to impress, they dress to request.

A shift has to take place. We owe it to our little girls and boys.


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