Am I spoiling my child?

It was 9 p.m. at night when my son asked his daddy to play with him. So, my husband began to hookup the Wii, but then noticed that it wasn’t working properly.

After spending 30 minutes trying to make the Wii work, he got frustrated and told our son his favorite words…

“Forget it let’s go to Target and I’ll buy you the Nintendo Switch

As I heard this, I had mixed feelings:

  1. I was happy that my son was going to get the Nintendo Switch, which he had been asking for especially when he’s enjoyed playing it at his cousin’s house.
  2. I didn’t want my husband to buy him the Switch because I knew that by doing so, we are spoiling our sense and wiring him with a sense of entitlement.

“It feels great when our children ask us for something that we know we can give them. I’m sure God feels the same way, but he doesn’t shower us with blessings that we can’t handle. Same goes for children.”

I understood three things on this evening.

  1. Overindulging my son with toys will not only spoil him, but will not allow him to appreciate what he has. Read whether or not your kids need a variety of toys.
  2. Giving him to a lot of toys won’t necessarily keep him busy.
  3. Instead of being appreciative over what he has he is becoming entitled.

Scarcity is a good thing and so is boredom. 

As stay at home mom, I feel responsible for keeping him busy and entertained most of the day, which is why allowing him to possess a load of toys seems like the right choice so that he won’t be bored. This is a lie that we believe. 

“I remember being a little girl and having a handful of Barbie’s and dolls, that I would play with over and over again. I never felt the need to have more because I had what I needed to keep me entertained. Sure, I wanted more, but I never asked for toys unless I was asked.

If we want to raise children that are grateful for what they have, we must eliminate massive toy buying and make sure that the toys that we do buy, breed creativity, requires imagination and encourages pretend play.

I’m determined to clean my son’s room, get rid of many of his toys and make sure to rearrange his room. I will share the before and after pictures of his room very soon 🙂 Join me as I clean house and work on unspoiling my child.


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