Clouded by Thoughts of Doubt Continued…

It’s easier to walk in doubt and easier to give up than it is to press forward and keep believing in God’s plan for you.

I’ve have faced countless moments in my life where all that consumes my mind are doubts. Doubts about what I’m destined to do in life or what truly is the mission that God has laid out for me. My thoughts are not clear sometimes. After months of facing doubt I have understood that doubt is necessary in order to help us question how we live life on a day to day. Doubt helps us question our motives behind our actions.

Are we sincere? 

Are we doing things for the right reasons?

Are we living lives seeking for joy or are we living in pure JOY? (two very different things)

These questions have helped me identify that my mission in life is not to bring attention to myself, but rather to highlight the special being that has transformed me.

Our mission in life deals with empowering others in Christ and to empower others in their life’s purpose. Most importantly, WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL.

Your story may help someone heal.

Your story can help someone overcome an experience or a negative emotion.

If you are facing a season of doubt especially in regards to your future and where you are heading… I urge you to embrace the moments of doubt because there you will discover many things about yourself and it’s a perfect time to invite God into your life, your plans and your most intimate desires. 

God will bring clarity when you are ready to see what lies ahead of you.

It’s all about being ready for what God has for you.



Clouded by thoughts of Doubt


Every day is the same battle for me. Doubt clouds my thoughts. I have doubts of all types and it’s as if DOUBT has taken on human form and is someone that I seem to be trying to fight off every day. I’m a stay at home mom to a 2 year old boy and the two roles of being a wife and a mom keep me plenty busy. In addition to that I also attending school online which can be time consuming and keep me busy as well.

But then there are those moments that I find myself thinking about how my life has turned out. These moments consume me and for some reason they always happen when I’m driving and when I take my son to the park. At times I feel that as a stay at home mom I’m investing time in the most important job in the world which is being a mother to a boy whom will later be an active member of society, but other times I feel so unproductive all because I don’t work outside my home at an actual job. I question my purpose in life, I compare my successes to others, and I feel like mine don’t amount to much because my job as a stay at home mom does not produce an actual income.

All of these encounters with Doubt leave me exhausted and unhappy, leading me to question my abilities and talents. I question whether or not what I have to say matters. I love writing and speaking to others about Jesus, His love and what God has done in my life. Deep inside I know that my purpose is linked to speaking to the youth & young adults about God, but I experience too many moments where I doubt this purpose. I doubt whether God uses me when I speak, I doubt God’s purpose for my career. Mostly, I feel a burning desire to be that successful business woman that I always see hidden within me, but the doubt seems to always win over the thoughts of faith and belief.

I feel like I’m torn in half between faith and self-doubt.

To be continued….

A World of Mannequins

We are living in times where we are simply mirroring the actions, behaviors and even the appearance of the people we see. We are copies of each other. This mirroring affect that we are all engaging into is driven by envy, a desire to be accepted or the need for attention. These are all derivatives of needs that we are trying so hard to fulfill, but in the end it will never be enough.


Some of us feel so invisible that we may feel the need to make ourselves visible through social media by creating this overall image of ourselves that we would like people to see because we might consider such portraits attention worthy. As a result, this feeds our ego and mildly satiates our need to be applauded, admired or just simply noticed by others.

The purpose of mannequins is to project an image that will arouse in us the desire to possess that, that is being projected whether it be a style, lifestyle or in some cases it can mean the desire to possess wealth. We are all mannequins trying to project an enticing image to be viewed by all, to be accepted, envied and followed.

What we should be focusing on is embracing our differences, our talents and developing new skills to become the best version of ourselves. We need to become extraordinary people worthy of being admired because of the knowledge and wisdom that we have acquired through our experiences.

I urge you to walk your path, live the best life that you can live, invest time in what you are passionate about, learn from your experiences and embrace your flaws.

Someone needs to hear what you have been through. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. Someone will be encouraged by your wisdom. Today you can help someone else overcome an obstacle. Today you can impact someone’s life through all the love that you have to give. Today someone needs your talent to be elevated onto another level of success. Be people that mirror a unique image different from those around you because only then will you be a distinguished and admirable person that will be easily followed.

Be that fresh unique image of inspiration that someone needs today.

Look at her, she’s perfect….

Look at her, she’s perfect…

This is what I hear often while I’m walking at the mall or as I pass by young girls at Starbucks. This type of phrase means everything nowadays. It actually holds much meaning in how most young girls are trying to meet the beauty standards of the world instead of embracing and discovering their own beauty.

We are living in a selfie generation where the center focus is image and what is in high pursuit is attention. If you take a look at every Instagram account of both women and men, almost all poses and pictures look the same and it’s because everyone tries to resemble or imitate what they see as acceptable and eye catching. Truth is that the more we concentrate on others, the more of their beauty we see and the more we disqualify ourselves. We begin to criticize ourselves and measure our beauty according to the beauty in others and this is where the problem lies.

It’s time to set yourself aside, put down your phone and evaluate yourself. Discovering the beauty in you should your pursuit to build on your self-esteem. The more you try to be like someone else the more frustrated you will become because you are spending all your energy in trying to fit a mold other than your own. Concentrate on you, discover what makes you feel beautiful and cultivate yourself with all the things that you aspire to be.

Never try to be the woman of a man’s dreams, be the woman of your dreams.

Dream big and embrace who you are. You are special.