Do you ignore your child’s feelings?

Are you aware that your toddler feels embarrassment, intimidation, harassment, fear, shyness among other feelings?

Children tend to feel intimidated by new people, new crowds, and new places.

My son is only three and not too long ago I was forcing him to say to everyone and I would punish him for not being polite and saying hello to people. That’s pretty harsh isn’t it?

I realized that when I would put him on the spot and woulfd force him to say hello to more than one person in outdoor settings he would retract and tended to hide behind me. I saw it as a sign of disrespect or rebellion. I remember getting upset, but because deep inside I feared that people would think that I was not teaching my son any manners.


It’s unrealistic to expect maturity and complete politeness from a 3-year-old.

It’s crazy to put my son on the spot out of fear of what others would think about me as a mother. All I was doing was embarrassing my poor little one. All that I was accomplishing was making my son feel bad for expecting politeness from him.

I’ve realized that we should not parent out of fear of what others may think of us.

I’ve realized that a child possesses an immature nature and one must not force them to become mature before their time.

Let’s embrace our kids’ immaturity and discipline them with love and compassion.

Let’s be conscious that our actions may embarrass our children.

Our actions may instill fear in them.

Our irrational behaviors may cause them to shy away from new experiences because we want to force them to react in ways that we believe is right.

Do what I do. Pray and ask God to help you discipline righteously.
Let’s discipline with a focus on embracing our children’s nature, rather than out fear for what others may think of you.



A World that knows NO Boundaries — Part 1

We are living in times where boundaries do not exist in every aspect of our lives. Women dress extremely provocatively, revealing too much of their breasts or bottom parts and yet what’s funny is that these women demand respect when they are sending the wrong message. Nowadays, self-respect has been lost and I believe that women are as bad as men in regards to how many people they have slept with by the age of 20. There are no rules and our world is promoting, “party all the time and who cares about anything” type of attitude through media, music and celebrities and of course the youth and people in general follow this movement not knowing that the end results of living a life with lack of self-control will be harmful in the end.

I saw something the other day that was very devastating and filled my heart with sadness. Now, before I talk about what made me sad let me first start by clarifying that I love gay people. I have been always surrounded by gays throughout my dancing and colorguard years and on top of that I have a gay family member and I love him dearly. I have absolutely nothing against people who choose to be gay, and quite frankly I think they are the most fun and colorful people to be around. Yes, I was once a major fag hag lol. In fact, I had my gay moments and within those moments I discovered the most alarming fact, that being a gay is more than a decision it is actually a lifestyle that is chosen by many for different reasons.

Now, as I was first saying, the information that I saw that caused such sadness in me was the fact that Florida is now legally authorizing gay marriages. I’m happy that gay people feel happy, however, I’m sad at the fact that this is not the type of lifestyle that my Father in Heaven created and He didn’t mean for us to live this way. Anatomy says this pretty clearly. I apologize for the next few graphic pointers, but I want to speak truth into this generation. God created a man with a penis in the frontal part of his body and a women with a vagina also in the frontal area so that they could perfectly connect in real intimacy and may have sex the way God meant it to be. Sorry, but the anus was only created for one function and one function only and that is to exert something known as crap. Nothing is meant to go in there, instead that part of the body was created to release our bodies’s waste.

Have I lied about anything so far? No. Like, I tell everyone do your research. I’m not writing this to hurt anyone and please know that it is not my intention. As a matter of fact I write this so that eyes may be opened and ears may hear truth being spoken.

This generation is blind to many evil realities and my goal is to unveil these realities for the sole purpose of guiding people to the gospel of Jesus. I was once living a very dark lifestyle and I preach because I came out of it and realized a true that there is a God and I have someone that loves me beyond my flaws and that someone is Jesus. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel by creating your own lifestyles and live out the life that God has already planned for you, for His plan is that of complete fulfillment while your plan is flawed and will always leave you with a small void deep inside. You know what I’m talking about.

It’s time to turn to Christ and I’m coming for each and everyone of you with the gospel.

Jesus saved me, He will do the same for you. _DSC0353

Look at her, she’s perfect….

Look at her, she’s perfect…

This is what I hear often while I’m walking at the mall or as I pass by young girls at Starbucks. This type of phrase means everything nowadays. It actually holds much meaning in how most young girls are trying to meet the beauty standards of the world instead of embracing and discovering their own beauty.

We are living in a selfie generation where the center focus is image and what is in high pursuit is attention. If you take a look at every Instagram account of both women and men, almost all poses and pictures look the same and it’s because everyone tries to resemble or imitate what they see as acceptable and eye catching. Truth is that the more we concentrate on others, the more of their beauty we see and the more we disqualify ourselves. We begin to criticize ourselves and measure our beauty according to the beauty in others and this is where the problem lies.

It’s time to set yourself aside, put down your phone and evaluate yourself. Discovering the beauty in you should your pursuit to build on your self-esteem. The more you try to be like someone else the more frustrated you will become because you are spending all your energy in trying to fit a mold other than your own. Concentrate on you, discover what makes you feel beautiful and cultivate yourself with all the things that you aspire to be.

Never try to be the woman of a man’s dreams, be the woman of your dreams.

Dream big and embrace who you are. You are special.